Communications Northwest is a proud retailer of many public safety and commercial grade communications systems equipment.  With over 50 years in the industry as a locally owned and operated company we are uniquely suited to solve all of your communications problems and needs in the Bellingham and greater Northern Washington area.


Bellingham is a city located in the northwestern part of the state of Washington in the United States. Two-way radios, also known as walkie-talkies, are popular communication devices used in a variety of industries in Bellingham and the surrounding area.

Two-way radios are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and security, as well as by outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, campers, and hunters. They allow for real-time communication between individuals or groups, which can be critical in situations where instant communication is necessary.

There are several companies in Bellingham that offer two-way radios for sale or rent, as well as installation and maintenance services. But only Communications Northwest is uniquely qualified to offer everything from system design and installation to parts and accesories for existing systems and radios. These companies may also provide training and support to help users get the most out of their two-way radios.

In addition to their use in industry and outdoor recreation, two-way radios can also be used by emergency responders such as police, fire, and EMS personnel. In these situations, two-way radios can provide critical communication between team members and can help coordinate rescue efforts and other emergency operations.

Overall, two-way radios are a versatile and reliable communication tool that are commonly used in Bellingham and many other communities across the United States. Contact Communications Northwest today for all of your Bellingham communication needs. 


Bellingham is a city located in the northwestern part of the state of Washington in the United States. It is situated on Bellingham Bay, which is an inlet of the Salish Sea. Bellingham is the largest city in Whatcom County and is known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant community.

Bellingham has a population of around 90,000 people and is home to several higher education institutions, including Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College. The city is known for its thriving arts and culture scene, with a variety of galleries, theaters, and music venues.

In addition to its cultural offerings, Bellingham is known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city is surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and is located near several major parks and natural areas, including Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and North Cascades National Park. Bellingham is also known for its extensive network of bike lanes and trails, which make it easy for residents and visitors to explore the city and the surrounding region on two wheels.

The local economy of Bellingham is diverse, with a focus on healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The city is home to several major employers, including St. Joseph Hospital, the Bellingham School District, and the BP Cherry Point Refinery. Bellingham is served by the Bellingham International Airport and is located near several major highways and public transportation options, making it easy to get around the city and the surrounding region.

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