Adaptor for Acoustic Tube to 3.5 Connector (AD-AT-3.5)


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Adaptor for Users Existing Earpiece

If you already have an Acoustic Tube Earpiece, you can simply unplug the line that goes into the speaker and use our Adaptor, Item # AD-AT-3.5.  Then use any Stealth Earpiece with the 3.5mm connector that fits into the other side of the adaptor.

Benefits to Using Adaptor

Because you are using the adaptor, you will have a PRO Earpiece with a 3.5m Connector.  Most speaker microphones also require a 3.5mm earpiece.  So, you can use your PRO with your existing acoustic tube earpiece system (with adaptor) or plug it right into a speaker mic. that has a 3.5mm audio port.

Perfect for POC Users

Sometimes finding POC accessories can be challenging.  If you already have a POC Acoustic Tube Earpiece, you’re all set.  Use your existing earpiece and order your Stealth of choice with a 3.5mm connector and order the Adaptor, Item # AD-AT-3.5