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Barbara c. Avatar
Barbara c.
6/16/2022 - Google
Our church has had the privilege of renting radios from Communications Northwest for over 20 years for our high school camp. They have always been great to work with, great people. Never did we have any problems with the equipment. They were wonderful when for two years we had to cancel camp and thus the radios due covid. I highly recommend them if you have communication needs.
Mike G. Avatar
Mike G.
2/16/2022 - Google
I have worked with the team at CommNW for many years and have always received great service, care and attention to my communication needs. We engage with them on many levels, from rentals to sales, service and installs every project had met or exceed my expectations.
Victor L. Avatar
Victor L.
2/16/2022 - Google
Entrance to parking is a bit tricky if not paying attention. Prompt service and had what was needed on the shelf.
Matt F. Avatar
Matt F.
2/16/2020 - Google
A great company to work with for all your communications needs. They have the latest technology that helps us not only improve our business but also keeps out officers safe.
Devin M. Avatar
Devin M.
2/16/2018 - Google
You want a company to go above and beyond? Well here you have one. The best company in the world!
Amy B. Avatar
Amy B.
2/16/2016 - Google
If you need some communications for an event or other times you need to keep in contact with employees, etc, these are good people to work with.
Troy R. Avatar
Troy R.
2/16/2013 - Google
You guys are awesome! I cant wait for next year!
Jason J. Avatar
Jason J.
2/16/2012 - Google
The organization I work for has used Event Rental Communications for several years. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of products and service. I highly recommend them for anyone needing a mobile communication solution.