PTT on Dual Muff Headset – Noise Cancelling Boom Mic – Yellow – David Clark Pinout (HS4Y-DC)





N2W offers premium headsets that deliver enhanced noise reduction, superior voice with noise cancellation, while providing comfort and stability. 

HS4Y Headset – Behind the Head Dual Earmuff Headset with Push-To-Talk on Earmuff – Yellow with David Clark Pinout

• Push-To-Talk on Left Earmuff

• Adjustable Head Bands to Custom Fit

• Strong Flexible Noise Cancelling Dual Diaphragm Microphone

• Premium Gel Earmuff Pads

• Detachable Coil Cable

• Coil Cable Sold Separately – HS4-CAB

• SNR rating 33db H=33db M=32db L=24dB