SnapLock Black Covert Dual Earbud Earpiece (SL-ET+2-B)




N2W Snaplock System, is the solution for work environments where there are a large number of users, with a limited number of radios. The key ingredient is the interchangeable earpiece. The connected cable with PTT stays with the radio, while the earpiece is swapped out at shift change, providing a hygienic solution to employee usage. High quality speech tuned microphone provides crystal clear communication.  


N2W SnapLock – Black Covert Dual Earbud Earpiece

    •  • Works with N2W SnapLock Ear Piece System
    •  • Dual Ear Tip cords from connector
    •  • Dual noise isolation ear tips
    •  • Flexible soft rubber
    •  • Sizing for ear tips available in small, medium, or large
    •  • Great for covert applications